What We Do

Since our origination on January 28, 1958, the Lincolnshire Garden Club has endeavored to further the education of members and the public in the fields of gardening, horticulture, botany, landscape design, floral design, conservation of natural resources. Beginning in 1974, the Club initiated an annual charitable giving program which to date has provided $250,000 to the community for projects in community beautification, nature restoration and environmental responsibility.

We have a Biannual Benefit as our primary fundraising event.  On the off years, we hold a smaller event we call The Mini Market.  The funds raised allow our Garden Club to continue our goals of education, beautification and nature protection.  Some of the recipients of our funds are Depke Juvenile Center, Riverside Foundation, Vernon Area Library, Ryerson Woods, local schools and other various entities.

We also conduct Field Trips to local and regional gardens and points of interest, hold workshops to create crafts and garden objects, and participate in activities that assist people in need of gardening assistance. Click the links in the side menu to review pictures from some of our recent Field Trips, Workshops and other group activities.

Our members meet once a month for a program from September - June, which is usually held the third Thursday of the month at the Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Station at 9:30 a.m.

Refer to our calendar page for current information.

Our Ongoing Projects

Annual Benefit - Plant Sale

Description:  The Biannual Benefit is the Lincolnshire Garden Club's primary fundraising event.  The funds raised enable the Garden Club to continue its goals of education, beautification and nature protection through our allocations to local community activities. All members are expected to participate in this project through their participation on the committee and their individual donations.

Garden Therapy Program

Description:  This community service project provides hands-on, barrier-free gardening with and for the residents of the Riverside Foundation, a residential facility for developmentally challenged adults.  With the residents we create a beautiful recreation area to relax and visit.  The residents are growing vegetables in their raised beds which encourages residents to eat new foods and reinforces nutrition education.

Monarch Butterfly Project

Description: Working with community groups, schools, and scouts to encourage Monarch preservation efforts.

National Night Out

Sponsered by the Lincolnshire Police Department, the Garden Club participates by instructing children and adults how to plant annuals.

Nurturing Future Gardeners

Description: Members of the Garden Club work with the youth housed at the Depke Juvenile Justice Complex.  A new pond has been created, offering new vistas at the site, and hopefully instilling a sense of stewardship and a love of gardening for those who will partake in the pond's creation and maintenance. Click here to see our recent activities.

Plant Education - Identification

Description:  Plant Education - Discuss topics of interest regarding local, national and global concern. Identification - Members may bring in plants which they are trying to identify.  The chairperson, along with other members of the club, will assist the member in identifying the plant, and point out characteristics which aided in their solution.

Weed and Wine

Description:  Spend a few hours working along side other LGC members, tackling jobs in the host member's garden.  After working hard, relax with wine and appetizers provided by the host. 

Women's Residential Services

Description:  Beautifying the entrance to the WRS facility and working with the residents to plant annual and vegetable gardens and raised beds.  We also assist with Christmas gift wrapping for the children of residents.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Lincolnshire Garden Club is to provide financial support to promote:

  • Community beautification,
  • Nature restoration, and
  • Environmental responsibility,

And to further the education of members and the public in the fields of:

  • Ecology and Conservation,
  • Home Gardening,
  • Horticulture, and
  • Landscape and Floral Design.

Allocations to Our Community - 2018

A large portion of our annual activities are dedicated to the award of charitable grants to organizations in the Lincolnshire area that support education and awareness of gardening and environmental concerns. From 1974 to 2018, the Lincolnshire Garden Club has given in excess of $250,000 to our community!

The 2018 Recipients were:


Village of Lincolnshire  



U of I Extension - 

Master Gardener Program



Random Acts of Flowers



Roberti House - 

Jr Green Youth Farms



Lake Forest Open Lands



Lincolnshire Vernon Area Library


Total Allocations


Thank you so much to our Allocations Committee for their work in reviewing and selecting this year's awardees.

Junior Green Youth Farm Open House -   Aug. 2, 2017  
LGC has supported the Jr Green Youth Farm with grants for the last 3 years. The open house was attended by five LGC Board Members; our newest member, Liz VanLieshaut; and Roberti House volunteer and LGC member, Jan ShapiroMaribeth Roberti gave a guided tour of the house and gardens and an introduction to many of its amazing staff and students.

A fantastic group of students worked at the center this summer and were eager to display the fruits of their labor.    Summer rains yielded a bumper crop of wonderful produce for everyone to enjoy.

      The Roberti Community House
      Junior Green Youth Farms
      919 8th Street,  Waukegan, IL  60085