Annual Holiday Party - December 12, 2013
at Elawa Farm in Lake Bluff

Holiday Party - - December 12, 2013

Annual Holiday Party - December 13, 2012
at The Chicago Botanic Gardens

Holiday Luncheon at the Chicago Botanic Gardens - - December 13, 2012

It was a truly beautiful, sunny, blue-sky day; perfect for the LGC Holiday Celebration. On arriving at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, we were greeted by festive holiday decorations everywhere, from evergreen boughs to lights to ornaments, it was all very special.

The Club met in the large meeting room adjacent to the Regenstein Theatre. The walls were covered in botanical prints, and the view through the large continuous windows brought the beauty of the gardens right into the room.

After much greeting, socializing, and happy banter, we met our guides for the day. Because of our size, we were split into three smaller groups. Each group toured through the tropical gardens, wreath displays, and the magical Wonderland Express.

In the two tropical gardens, CBG staff had outdone themselves with holiday-oriented plantings. There massive gleaming, white orchid balls suspended over lush red amaryllis-lined paths; tiny holiday lights sparkling from orchid decorated trees; and red bromeliads formed into spheres with sunlight dancing off their leaves.

In the halls surrounding the gardens, the walls were covered with the most exquisite, colorful, and creative displays of holiday wreaths. Some were made from slices of birch trunk, some from prairie grasses, some with cute chickadees and fairytale bird houses, and all with fanciful bows, ribbons, and baubles.

The most interesting and fun tour was the behind-the-scenes viewing of the Wonderland Express exhibit with our own personal “train engineers.” This is an exhibit CBG has created and grown over the years. It contains different gauge model railroads, running through a winter-themed Chicagoland, complete with “organic” recreations of some of Chicago’s most famous landmarks, like Soldier Field, The Art Institute, Water Tower, and even President Obama’s home. The best part of touring Wonderland Express was seeing all the happy-faced children, being excited, pointing, and begging for more - - wait, were those our members?

After the tours, we gathered for lunch, more socializing, and a few announcements. Joan Keyes awarded the table decoration poinsettias to some very excited members, Jan Stefans recognized the incredible efforts extended by Karen Kravits and Lynn Driscoll in organizing the event, and then thanked all for attending, expressed her gratitude to our Club for making it such a vibrant organization, and wished everyone a happy and wonderful holiday.