Annual Member Picnic - - June 20, 2013

Annual Member Picnic - June 21, 2012

Due to the threat of rain, Sandy Kalas graciously opened up her home for our Annual Picnic. 

As always, our members impress with their incredible ability to provide tasty, sumptuous, and good-looking food items. There was even a salad crowned with beautiful orange day lilies. The line moved quickly, and the seating filled fast, with a few of us getting to enjoy the extra comfort of the soft couches.

After our meal, we had a brief business meeting. First was the approval of our 2012-2013 budget, then the installation of our new officers by Barb Gilman, and finally an educational presentation by Joan Keyes about our flower give-a-ways of the day. There were nine lucky winners.

After our business meeting, Jan Stefans presented Linda Berryman with a gift of appreciation for her role as our President for 2011-2012. 

LGC Annual Picnic at Half Day Preserve - - June 16, 2011

This year's picnic combined multiple events into one: allocations, officer installation, new bylaws, announcements, and finally . . . great food.

The Allocations Committee started off our picnic with the grant presentations. Click to see details.
Individual committee members reviewed the grant request and award amount and then each recipient described he proposed project in greater detail as well as some of the results that have been achieved with prior year grants. It was a great review of how the Club's generosity over the years (now, over $200,000) has had such a dramatic positive impact on our Community.

Next, Barb Gilman installed our new Officers:
 (left to right)
  • President – Linda Berryman
  • VP Allocations – Janice Hand (not pictured)
  • VP Benefit – Kathleen Young Perkins
  • VP Educational Programs – Sharon Chamberlain
  • Recording Secretary – Meg Zimmermann
  • Corresponding Secretary – MaryLou Bartlett
With everyone still beaming, incoming President Linda Berryman presented a beautiful framed quilted trillium to our outgoing President Jan Stefans along with an enthusiastic thank you from the Club for the incredible job Jan has done over the last three years. Thanks Jan!

With the smell of the food starting to waft through the air, we quickly moved through the adoption of new bylaws, a recap of the Garden Walk at the Depke Project by Ann Maine, the status on Weed and Wine by Jeanne Top, and then a review of upcoming Field Trips by Eve Jacobs.  Wow, are we doing a lot of fun things!

Finally, the meeting was concluded and everyone jumped into line for the scrumptious summer fare prepared by our hosting committee Jane, Sandy, Elaine, Ann, Jan, Lynn, and Kelly. The different types of salads were tasty, cool, and perfect for a beautiful summer day. And to top it off, we enjoyed an array of seductive deserts - - all of which were, I'm told, were calorie free - ha, ha.

The Half Day preserve was a wonderful venue as we had ample room, covered space, and a scintillating view of nature all around us.