Annual Report
2011 - 2012

The Garden Club has maintained a relationship with the Face-It Program at the Depke Juvenile Detention Center for the last seven years.  We have an indoor program during the winter and an outside program during the remainder of the year. We try to have a garden club member for every three boys.
Indoor programing this year included the following activities:  rooting activity with grocery store fruits and vegetables, coleus rooting experiment, terrarium build, tulip/dye experiment, stained glass vessel project to hold the tulip experiment, topiary build,and suet feeder build.

Field Trips occur mostly during the winter time frame, and this year they included:  Chicago Botanic Garden, mulching center, Maple Syruping at Ryerson.  In the spring, we have a trip to Didiers Nursery so the boys can individually pick out their own plants to place in the garden.  This year we are looking forward to an excursion to a northern forest preserve in the area where most boys live.

Summer Activites are centered around planting and maintenance in their gardens.  They have vegetable pots to tend, a butterfly, shade, and two sun gardens to maintain as well as the pond area and gathering area where previous boys have built picnic benches.  The boys have built toad houses and each made their own stepping stones.  We are expecting a truck load of mulch to be delivered and the boys will spread it in the walkways.  Also, in September we are looking forward to hosting a garden walk for the LGC members and Depke employees.

Annual Report
2010 - 2011

The following is a summary of what we worked on with the “Face-It Boys” for the 2010-2011 Garden Club year.
  • September: After a major construction project was completed, cleaned up all the gardens throughout the facility.
  • October: Planted tulip bulbs outside and amaryllis bulbs inside for winter display.
    Put the garden to rest for the winter, cleaned equipment, put hoses away.
    Placed donated concrete patio stones around the shed and building doorways.
  • November: Made stained glass vessels
    Conducted a science experiment with white tulips and dye, placed in their vessels.
  • January: Experimented with rooted beans, seeds from oranges, kiwis, apple, and planted what rooted later in the month.
    Participated in the Depke Graduation program.
    Made terrariums.
  • March: Made “Make Your Own Luck” ivy topiaries.
Make Your Own Luck!
March 2011

On March 7, 2011 Lincolnshire Garden Club members Jan Stefans, Ann Maine, and Linda Berryman worked with the young men in the Depke Juvenile Detention Center’s “Face It” program on an indoor gardening project.

The project called “Make You Own Luck,” involved the boys in making a small, ivy topiary in the shape of a lucky four leaf clover. After a quick discussion of the terms topiary, shamrock, and four leaf clovers, the boys made their own topiary to keep and maintain.

They first covered a piece of wire with green floral tape, then working with a partner, they twisted the wire around a four leaf clover form cut out of foam insulation.

Next they partially filled a small terra cotta pot lined with a coffee filter with soil, and then they “planted” their wire four leaf clover into the pot. After planting the wire form they planted two small ivy plants, and started training the plants by wrapping them around the wire form. Then for the final touch they placed some sheet moss around the base.

The young men were given misting and watering instructions so they could keep growing and training their “Make Your Own Luck” topiaries. Everyone seemed to enjoy the project, and one young man even gave it a thumb’s up!

Annual Garden Walk at the Depke Correctional Center
June 16, 2011

Annual Garden Walk - - June 16, 2011

A brilliant, sunny June day emerged to provide us with the best possible conditions for our Annual Garden Walk. This year our walk was hosted by the FACE-IT boys we work with at the Depke Correctional Center. This is a project started 7 years ago and graciously funded by the Garden Club the entire time.

As Garden Club members arrived, one or more boys escorted them from garden to garden. They described their individual work in bringing the gardens into existence, pointing out flowers they knew, and proudly identifying their own "personal" plants (purchases of individual plants were made possible by the Club).

The boys were proud, and rightly so, of the four major gardens they had created, including flowers and a few vegetablres in pots (peppers and tomatoes). One of the gardens included a double pond with running water and it's own set of dragonflies, damselflies, and a visiting hummingbird. The tour also included big smiles as the boys described their construction work on picnic benches, recent mulching of the entire garden, and a new shed where they are able to keep their gardening supplies (the pond, shed and benches were a joint project with the Garden Club and Boy Scout Troop 78 Eagle Scout projects).

After the tours, Robert Cesar, Director of Depke, thanked the group for our ongoing support and described the significant positive impact the program is having on the boys. Ann Maine then described the seven year history of the program, its many accomplishments, and how more than 70 boys have been touched by the Club's work.

We concluded by mingling with the boys and expressing our own individual admiration and support for their work.

Maple Syrup . . .  oh so sweet!
March 2010

A recent trip to Ryerson Woods had the Depke boys following one sweet trail.

Terrarium Builders
February 2010

This month our project with the Depke boys gave them a chance to get their hands dirty building their own terrariums.