Garden Therapy
at the Riverside Foundation

This project provides hands-on, barrier-free gardening with and for the residents of the Riverside Foundation, a residential facility for developmentally challenged adults.

Garden Therapy at The Riverside Foundation - - June 5, 2011

We had an absolutely beautiful day for gardening with the residents of Riverside Foundation. The sun was out, the air was cool, and the residents had smiles a mile wide.

Our volunteers (Kathleen Abdo, Kathy Boss, Janice Hand, Marj Lundy, Rick Sanders, and Meg Zimmerman) helped the residents plant tomatoes as well as multiple flats of annuals in the planters that surround the building.

We even did a little marketing by placing our "Lincolnshire Garden Club at Work" sign along busy Route 22.

Garden Therapy at the Riverside Foundation - - June 3, 2012

We were fortunate to have a beautiful, absolutely perfect day to plant. And although we had seven members helping out, we got a lot of help from the residents. 

 What we did today will provide beautiful flowers and a very positive, comforting view for the residents. Many thanks to Janice Hand, Cheryl Mitchell, Kathleen Abdo, Linda Lutz, Jan Stefans, Joan Keyes, Jane Bisk, Meg Zimmerman and her daughter Kelli.

Garden Therapy at The Riverside Foundation - - October 30, 2011

It was a breezy day with clouds coming in, but the rain stayed away long enough to plant hundreds of daffodils.

Our volunteers (Linda Berryman, Kathleen Abdo, Kathy Boss, Janice Hand, Pat Hovany, Rick Sanders, and Meg Zimmerman) got started by digging about a dozen holes. Unfortunately, they had to dig through a profusion of rocks, dead roots, and unsavory soil. We were then joined by several of the residents of Riverside Foundation who helped us put the bulbs in the beds, cover them with soil, and tamp down the earth.

Everyone had a great time, but the residents will have an even better time next spring when these beauties burst forth with sizzling colors.

Planting the Planters at the Riverside Foundation on June 11, 2010

Garden Therapy and volunteers had a successful morning planting annual flowers in the containers on the back patio, as well as the containers around the back parking area. In addition to the flowers on the back patio, we planted patio tomato plants and a cherry tomato plant that has a trailing habit. I look forward to see if it produces well.

Pete Mulé, the Executive Director of the Riverside Foundation, came out to thank everyone for the work that the Garden Club does for the foundation. Meg and I would also like to thank Linda Berryman, Connie Conklin and Rick Sanders for their help in planting. Your help makes the task more enjoyable, and we appreciate the time you spent with us, especially when there is so much to do in ones own garden.

Kathleen Abdo