Weedless and Wine - - December 7, 2012

There weren't any weeds to be dealt with outside, or at least none that we wanted to deal with, so this event was another of those wonderful Weedless and Wine events.

Jeanne Top was kind enough to open up her home for the event and we all met in the party room downstairs. As always, there was a variety of appetizers, but more importantly, Merle's meatballs. As we socialized, noshed, and laughed, Jan reminded us we were also there for the last part of our Mini-Benefit.

This year, we ran a series of Mini-Benefits. The majority of the items being sold were crafts created by our own members. At this event, there were still a number of wonderful items available for purchase that we could give to teachers, friends, and family. Sales were brisk, food was consumed, and everyone went home in a delightful holiday spirit.

Weed and Wine - - October 5, 2012

Our only Weed and Wine event of the year (due to the extreme heat and drought) was met with an early taste of deep fall. The day was cloudy, the temperature had dropped into the 50's, but it was still a great day to work outside.

On arriving at our host's home, Jan Stefans, we were greeted by our familiar Lincolnshire Garden Club at Work sign. It's always nice to advertise our hard work. But when you look around Jan's yard, it's hard to see much to do because she stays on top of her garden all the time.

We soon found out that Jan will be traveling in Europe during prime "put the garden to bed" time. So, our tasks for the day focused on removing Morning Glory vines, picking the last of the tomatoes, and then cutting down all the hosta, lilly, and fern gardens. Well, we not only filled up all Jan's yard waste containers, but also four more containers temporarily donated by Rick.

Finally, the call came from the kitchen, "Come and get it," and there was a mad rush inside. We were immediately greeted by the smell and taste of spiced cider and a wide array of treats - - including Merle's famous meatballs.

Our group, Jan Stefans, Joan Keyes, Eve Jacobs, Pat Hovany, Jeanne Top, Merle Lynch, and Rick Sanders, gathered around the festive fall decorated dining table and proceeded to make short work of the wine, cinder, chili, vegies, and most importantly, the cookies and brownies. There wasn't a sweet left at the end of the evening.

So, once again, LGC members had a wonderful and fulfilling (tummy wise that is) time helping out one of our members with our Weed and Wine events. Join us next time, you'll love it.